Quafrin is a Horde Guild on the Thrall server (US).
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 General Guild Rules

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- All members are required to register on the forums to stay active and up-to-date on the current happenings in the guild.
- All players wishing to join must be willing to follow these rules, be at least level 78 and fill out the application form before joining. No exceptions will be made, unless directly from the GM.

Be respectful.
- Please treat other players of World of Warcraft with courtesy and politeness. Do not insult or purposefully attempt to offend them. Even while you are not talking to a guild member, please treat all players with respect. You are representing not only yourself, but Quafrin as well.

Help when possible.
- Quafrin is a family based guild. As member’s progress in-game, the primary focus is to have the entire guild progress with each other. Therefore, if you are able to assist someone in any way (ex: a dungeon, with your profession, a quest, advice, an answer to a question, etc.) please do so! We do not require you to say “Yes!” to every request of help you get. However, if you know the answer to a question or are capable of helping another member, please do your best to answer.

Have a jolly o’l time!
- World of Warcraft is a MMORPG (note the “G” at the end stands for game). Therefore, we ask that you please enjoy yourself, the guild and other people whilst playing the game. A “game” is supposed to be fun, not stressful or irritating. Please remain relaxed while in groups, raids and while playing with other people.

- Arguing and fighting in public areas of conversation will not be tolerated. (see “What yo’ mouth!”). If you have a matter to discuss which could be deemed as a “fight”, please speak with the person directly in a tell, or contact an Officer for some coaching and resolution (see “Be respectful”).

- We are a group of mature players, therefore vulgar language is permitted as long as it is not used as an insult to other players.

Loots and such.
-While in a raid or party, the following loot rules must be practiced:
• Greed on all greens, even if it is an upgrade.
• Pass on all blues, epics, legendaries and artifacts.

- Once everyone has passed, the loot will be discussed.
• Loot is distributed on a /roll and “need” basis. The raid/party leader will determine who receives which loot.
• Ninja looting will NOT be tolerated under any circumstances, and is grounds for immediate removal from the guild.
• If no one can use the loot, the item may be disenchanted and rolled for. If no disenchanter is available, all members should do a /roll and the highest roller wins that item for vendor.

- Do your best to arrive on time. We will not wait around for hours or half hours for you – so if you sign up for a dungeon or raid, or anything of the like, please arrive promptly.

Quafrin Bank.
- Please contribute when you can to the bank. All items you wish to deposit should be placed into the best suited tab.

- Feel free to use the “guild repair fund” as you need.

- Donating items and gold to the guild bank will allot you a promotion if you donate frequently over time.

- Please do not deposit junk into the guild vault (the majority of white/grey items are not of use to any players). Rocks, sand, dirt, pebbles, trash, etc. will allot you a paddling.

- Please do not remove items from the guild for direct financial benefit (ex: do not remove an item and put it up on the AH). This is monitored closely and is grounds for immediate removal from the guild.

Rankings and Titles.
- Officers are chosen by the Guild Master. This is not a ranking individuals earn by progressing up within ranks. This ranking must be discussed with the other officers and Guild Master if the management finds a member would be suitable for a position.

- The ranks are in the order as follows, with the highest rank first.
• Guild Master – self explanatory: overseas guild operations
• Officer – assists the Guild Master with guild operations
• Archiac – senior members that have proven to be helpful and beneficial to the guild. Full guild bank privileges will restricted withdraw rules.
• Member – individuals whom have proven themselves to be helpful over a short period of time. Restricted guild bank privileges.
• Initiate - the newest members of the guild. May only deposit items into the guild bank.
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General Guild Rules
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